Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Weekly report

Well what can i say........................

Been sticking to this diet and a bee sicks to honey and i got weighed today and we where waiting for this big drop at least 2-3 pounds and it was a great big "0" zilch, the big fat nothing.

We could not believe it i had recorded every thing that had touched my lips and only been eating 1500 Cal's i so miss my dark chocolate and i hurt from kickboxing on Tuesday not my week i guess.

Checked of eBay as waiting for Christmas presents to be dispatched and got email that the seller has not even received my postal order yet which was even on Wednesday 21 October at 11 26 am.
I sent another postal order on the same day and i have even received item .

What has happened to my postal order and item .................................. Postal strikes i so dislike them .

Nothing else to report, will next post when got more news


Thursday, 22 October 2009


Well winter is defiantly on it way, got my letter yesterday to attend doctors today for my annual flu jab.

My arm still hurts. I really don't like this injection it really hurts.

Whole i was there i had to have asthma check as well. Well that is good news as i blew 400 on the peak flow best ever ( normally can't get above 350) kickboxing is really helping.

Today i told our Doctor that we where going for adoption and told him when the information session was......

I don't think i have ever seen doctor move so quickly He rechecked my thyroid test height weight (which not happy about) redone my peak flow, and then said well Lisa we where wondering if you where going to go for adoption you have got full support of practice.

He has sent up a weight management with the nurse that i have to go every two weeks. he has told me to come off weight watchers and only do it through them so there is evidence for adoption medical that I'm trying to loose weight.

I asked him about the three months that i was on anti-depressions for miscarriage last year and his answer was " well it will show them that you are human and not a robot and that you have dealt with you lose"

He was filling in a form about thyroid problem and asthma he would look up and ask me a question and then mutter to him self and then put the answer in before i could answer him.
I think that i have given my doctor something to get his teeth in to.

When i left he was smiling from ear to ear.

Got to start the calorie control healthy eating tomorrow. Been told to reduce dinner plate with side plate and that way dinner will look bigger and will get fuller quicker all in the visual aspeck of it. and I'm not to do any more crazy crash diets.
I must say in my defence that in 2007 i went on the Cambridge Diet and i lost 5 stone for the IVF and i kept it all of until the miscarriage and i have put 3 stone back on but have been healthy eating since January but not been loosing weight just inc es.
Here's looking towards the new me

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Fire Station

Brownies>>>>>>>> Fire station
Yes i know i normally go to Brownies on a Thursday, but today was special as we where being shown round the fire station.

We got there at 6.15pm tonight and straight away the fireman where been really helpful. We had information session about what to do if alarms go off while we where in the Station. then we where shown round the engines and the turntable ladder.

I must say that the Fire men where brilliant to cope with 40 Brownies and 6 leaders and helpers.
They kept the girls occupied and interested and told them what they need to know and do to get there badges which was brilliant.

My Brown owl even said that it was a very good evening and that all girls where very interested and inter acted with the fire man Our Fireman was Jamie and he had to go up the turntable ladder which goes up to 100 foot in the air, Got so lovely photo's which will help the girls and me to get badges.

Thank you to all the firemen and women you do fantastic job

Monday, 19 October 2009


Not even good news::::::::::::::
Well haven't written for a while just that got NO NEWS.
Oh sorry have little bit of information Old friend came to see me in shop last week (haven't seen her in 4 years) well after we went through omg have seen you in ages and you haven't change, I was told that she left her job to go to uni (which was bit of shock as she has 24year old son) 4 years ago she has just qualified as a SOCIAL WORKER you could have blown me over with a feather.
She has said that she will try and help us as much as she can but she works in our town and our LA is not it is in our county.
So i have been busy with brownies and i had a dilemma as on Tuesday Gander and i go to kickboxing and i go Brownies on Thursday well the Dilemma is that tomorrow is kickboxing but also got Field trip with Brownies To the Fire station (FIREMAN) on dear well came home last Thursdays and told Gander my Dilemma and bless him he said well guess I'm going kickboxing on my own on Tuesday, I love him so much.

Well this coming Sunday we are decorating shop for Halloween and on Halloween we are dressing up in witches outfits and my black lipstick came to day. Well you have to look the part lol.

after Halloween it is to start to preparing for Christmas

Hope all others how are approved and going through are having proactive time we are just reading. Really don't like book Considering adoption.
more blogging next week

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Well what can i say............ This must be turning in to a bit of a habit for my lovely Gander now
He has cooked me dinner twice (2) this week yesterday he did a lovely stuffed belly of pork roast with all the trimmings. Which was absolutely fab and he washed up. And tonight i got another fab dinner of bangers mash and beans. which was lovely as well.

Had another great time at the Brownies We had competition to see who could draw the best Guy Fawkes Which is to be made in to one
And then we made lanterns out of Glass jars some of the ideas the girls have is fab.

Rung up VA (moody SW) they said that can't help us because of our location in the fact that we are in the middle of the 3 shires ie Cambridgeshire lincolnshire lestershire.
We live top end of east Anglia so come into them and also an unoffical shire called Huntingdonshire
So we have city council Huntingdonshire council and county council and this is why they can't help us. If we moved north, east or west they could help us as then we would only have two councils to deal with too much red tap need to go through LA.
Well we contact the other two LA in the next towns and they said that they have big enough area's to cover as big counties that they are not taken on out side ( Meaning Us) at this present time.
Well finished big steps to day and all i can say is what an eye opener it is.
Think I'm going to read considering adoption next.................
OH OH OH i got 6 more books today
Adoption for Dummies, Real parent real children, Raising adopted children,Twenty things adopted kids wish their adoptive parents knew, Adopters on adoption, Blue-eyed son

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

30 September - 6 October 2009

had a very lazy Wednesday only went to work. When got home Gander had done all house work and said that i looked very stressed on the Tuesday, He even cooked dinner and done the dishes.
( Mental note must get stressed more often.)

Thursday 1st of October and Dee day for Brownies.
Well all i can say is I LOVED IT. It was brill had such a good time
In the pack there is only Brown owl no other helpers except for parents.
I explained that we was are on the adoption journey and Brown Owl was fantastic and said would you like to go on the leaders course but you can't start until November.
Don't think i stopped smiling for 3 days.

The Book
Big steps for little people.
Got passed the fore words OK and then came the takenin to care (must say that i am reading this book at work in between customers) I just started to cry had to put the book down best friend said that may be i should not read it.
I picked it back up ( hour Later) and have not been able to put it down.
Starting to get miffed when have to do hair cut LOL
It is a great book . i look forward to finishing it within the next couple of days.

Kick boxing was good as always and instructor has asked if any one would like to do 2 classes so would be on Tuesdays and Fridays Think we are going to find out next week hope we do.

The dreaded Va's again. Well got a letter from the VA from last week (moody SW)
It says thank you for contact but we can not help you as you live within an area that has 3 councils (no idea what they mean)

Some one from adoption UK forum gave me another VA to contact to which i say thank you.
We have contacted the VA but are not taken on until January.
So we are going to wait for LA They have sent us letter to say that we are now booked on to the information session in February.
So now just the count down to this, February here we come