Thursday, 1 April 2010


Happy Easter to all.

We had a phone call to day from Sue our social worker, firstly she apologised for not getting report finished and sent out ( Gander did say that when she left that she said that she would get report out in about three weeks) so we thanked her for her concern.

Sue did say that she was sending us some remeber forms it is to jog our memory's about our child hood, and Sue also said she would like an onther visit to go through the momory forms some time after Easter..........

So is this a good sign yes/no, .........

I think that we are divided on this one.

I have finished reading twenty things Adoptive kids wish their Adotive parents news ,,,, well the first 40-50 pages we ok and informative the rest of the book seems very contrdictive say things like when your child gets a good report : ihope your birth mum is as happy as me that you got a good report do you miss your bith mum.

And then say this a parpgraph later, remember when your child gets a good report don't keep saying about birth mum just say i'm really happy that your happy.

Now i know that we all want the best for our children but i just think this book could cause more problems then are really there.

Before signing off want to say good luck to Mary and Mungo Lindiloones and any one else waiting to go to pannel

Happy Easter

Goose and Gander
xxx ;-)