Monday, 28 September 2009

Well i say thank goodness for the postman today.
We finally got our letter from the LA and two of the books have arrived as well.
1. Big Steps For Little People..........By Celia Foster
2. The Adoption.......................By Dave Hill
Guess what yes your right we have another postal strike tomorrow will this ever end.......

{Pongo} and Mylo have been getting to know each other very well over the week end.
Mylo ( who is upstairs) came through the stair gate yesterday and was great by {Pongo} who was a drooling wreck. Mylo was tapping {Pongo} round the face as kittens do and then there was this almighty scream and {Pongo} came running down the stairs still screaming, well gander and i went running after him like any normal pet owner and found that Mylo had hit him with his Claws out and that our big brave German Shepherd was crying by the garage with a small nose bleed.
Just a few bits of cheese (His chocolate) later and he was back to his old self.
Then came the ring of Mylo's collar OMG any one would think that a ten tonne elephant was sitting on his tail BIG BRAVE {Pongo} ran screaming from the house and sat by the garage.
Mylo didn't even come down stairs.
We have spoken to {Pongo} ( sorry can't stop laughing) and told him that Mylo was only playing and that Mylo is only a baby.
He has just gone back upstairs to sit by stair gate and Mylo is playing no screaming as yet.
Got an e-mail today from the Brownies I'm starting this Thursday at 6pm .
Got kick boxing tomorrow so going to have an early night