Sunday, 20 September 2009

New Kitten

Well he is small very black and a tiny white bib and his name is Mylo, he is 9 weeks old and so cute.
{Pongo} went over to the carrier to say hello but all Mylo did was spit {Pongo} jump about a mile we could not stop laughing.
Mylo does not want to come out of carrier at the moment so are leaving him in there with doors open {Pongo} was very interested at first but now just laying down by me while i on computer.
I've also set up Mylo with pet plan Same as {Pongo}, i was very surprised that i got a discount but did thank you pet plan.
Had some good news about the Brownies they have sent me back an e-mail asking to set up a meeting face to face sometime this week so will let you know what happens there.
I have also started to win bids on eBay last time i looked had won 2 great stuff sending off postal orders tomorrow then.