Thursday, 8 October 2009

Well what can i say............ This must be turning in to a bit of a habit for my lovely Gander now
He has cooked me dinner twice (2) this week yesterday he did a lovely stuffed belly of pork roast with all the trimmings. Which was absolutely fab and he washed up. And tonight i got another fab dinner of bangers mash and beans. which was lovely as well.

Had another great time at the Brownies We had competition to see who could draw the best Guy Fawkes Which is to be made in to one
And then we made lanterns out of Glass jars some of the ideas the girls have is fab.

Rung up VA (moody SW) they said that can't help us because of our location in the fact that we are in the middle of the 3 shires ie Cambridgeshire lincolnshire lestershire.
We live top end of east Anglia so come into them and also an unoffical shire called Huntingdonshire
So we have city council Huntingdonshire council and county council and this is why they can't help us. If we moved north, east or west they could help us as then we would only have two councils to deal with too much red tap need to go through LA.
Well we contact the other two LA in the next towns and they said that they have big enough area's to cover as big counties that they are not taken on out side ( Meaning Us) at this present time.
Well finished big steps to day and all i can say is what an eye opener it is.
Think I'm going to read considering adoption next.................
OH OH OH i got 6 more books today
Adoption for Dummies, Real parent real children, Raising adopted children,Twenty things adopted kids wish their adoptive parents knew, Adopters on adoption, Blue-eyed son