Thursday, 17 September 2009

Why oh why oh why That is the question.
Sometimes i just feel i have a kick me sign strapped to my stomach. And some people just don't think before they speak.

Well still no news from either LA or VA I'm so in patient i know. been on Adoption UK tonight and been reading some of the posts which made me feel a lot better.
Macalifrog and Mary and mungo always seem to have best advice on there and always make me feel better.
Think i had Blur Moment again.
Didn't rant at any one this time which means I'm getting better and book (Human growth and development) is helping and helps you understand some of way people treat and react to one another.

Just come off eBay after ordering a few books Hubby(Gander) just said omg when i showed him the list which is below:
1, The adoption book by Dave Hill
2, The adoption reader
3, Big steps for little people
4, Next steps in parenting a child who hurts by Caroline Archer
5, Toddler adoption by Mary Hopkins-Best