Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Monthly up date

Like title says this is a near monthly update as not a lot happening.

Well couple of this have happened.
  1. I have been reading a lot , these books
  • Big Steps for Little People
  • The Adoption
  • And now I'm on the Adopters on Adoption
the first two books where OK once i got in to them but the third Adopters on Adoption i just can't seem to get in to it.
I do realise that i did read and start to read the first two books last month.#
  • We have had the main part of our garden done. My Beautiful Roses have now gone and We have Grass and Gravel. We are also have seasonal bed benign made at the moment. A seasonal bed means that for each season you plant that season's plants and dig up last season's. It sounds Pretty good and will give some colour to the garden.
  • Oh for got to say while gander and friend where doing the garden (Paving) Gander went to relay a paving slab and felt something go in his hand............. I must say that any sane person would have stopped seeing that the pain was making them feel sick BUT NO my Gander continued laying paving slabs .. When i got home from work all i can say is OMG his hand looked like it belonged to a man that was at least 10 feet tall it was so swollen. So off we trudged to the A&E department and after waiting 3 hours got to see an assessment nurse she said and i quote " oh dear looks like you have done some damaged here I'll give you some pain killers, But we have an incident happen can you come back tomorrow to get the xray" We as you can believe i was not too happy but what can you do. So on Thursday i bandaged Ganders hand and wrist as in lot of pain (wish i hadn't thou) I then got a phone call from friend who was helping doing the garden is Gander meant to be shoveling gravel and top soil....... i could not believe it. MEN ...... Well after a few choose words like you silly wombat i took him back to A&E where we waited another 3 hours to see assessment nurse then she sent him straight through for xray then saw doctor another 3hours to do all that. Doctor was not at all happy that he was sent home on the Wednesday. Doctor told Gander that he has either torn the tendons in his hand ( which may need surgery) or he has broken at least 3 bones in his hand.... They wont be able to tell for at least a week so he is in plaster waiting for this Thursday to see what damage he has done... Lets hope its not too bad.
  • Gander Has put in for promotion at work if he gets it he will no longer work night and only work Monday to Friday 9-5. I am keeping every thing crossed as Gander has worked permanent nights for the last 5-6 years. If he gets interview it will be on 30th November '09.
  • I start my training for the Brownies this coming week just been sent agenda for this months meeting and i also start CRB this week as well.
  • We did lighting up village where Brownies is based and walked through village with the lanterns that we had made and then my pack came second in the design the guy which was really good.
  • Went back to doctors over weight issue and i had put on 3lbs not a happy bunny. So i have been told that I'm eating the right foods just need to cut down portion size so now my dinner plate is a side plate i never get full now just satisfied . just hope this works don't know what else i could do or them, we will see next week .
I will keep you informed on all the above and see where we go from there

xxx xxx