Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Count down is now minus 1 day to go.
Well had a brillant day at work untill about 2.30pm when this guy came in.
Well we got talking as barbers do and we got on the subjet of ADOPTION.
He said and QUOTE :" his best friend had adopted tiwn girls 8 years ago but they where drug addic's when they where born. I told them that they only got another 8 years to go untill thier of thier hands as thier not there natrual children".
I could not belive my ears i got so upset by what he was saying that when he was gone i went and had a cry.
His friends adopted the twins when they where 6 months old.
well i have got my check list for tomorrow got number and letter and just need to make contact.
Got every thing crossed now.