Thursday, 22 October 2009


Well winter is defiantly on it way, got my letter yesterday to attend doctors today for my annual flu jab.

My arm still hurts. I really don't like this injection it really hurts.

Whole i was there i had to have asthma check as well. Well that is good news as i blew 400 on the peak flow best ever ( normally can't get above 350) kickboxing is really helping.

Today i told our Doctor that we where going for adoption and told him when the information session was......

I don't think i have ever seen doctor move so quickly He rechecked my thyroid test height weight (which not happy about) redone my peak flow, and then said well Lisa we where wondering if you where going to go for adoption you have got full support of practice.

He has sent up a weight management with the nurse that i have to go every two weeks. he has told me to come off weight watchers and only do it through them so there is evidence for adoption medical that I'm trying to loose weight.

I asked him about the three months that i was on anti-depressions for miscarriage last year and his answer was " well it will show them that you are human and not a robot and that you have dealt with you lose"

He was filling in a form about thyroid problem and asthma he would look up and ask me a question and then mutter to him self and then put the answer in before i could answer him.
I think that i have given my doctor something to get his teeth in to.

When i left he was smiling from ear to ear.

Got to start the calorie control healthy eating tomorrow. Been told to reduce dinner plate with side plate and that way dinner will look bigger and will get fuller quicker all in the visual aspeck of it. and I'm not to do any more crazy crash diets.
I must say in my defence that in 2007 i went on the Cambridge Diet and i lost 5 stone for the IVF and i kept it all of until the miscarriage and i have put 3 stone back on but have been healthy eating since January but not been loosing weight just inc es.
Here's looking towards the new me