Monday, 14 September 2009


Well had a bit of BLUR moment over weekend. Not happy about local agency and their approach to us..... Moaned at a few people about it and must say sorry to them.
After i had my moan and BLUR moment on Sunday, hubby and i went and set upon the garden.
You see our garden caters for a dog {Pongo} (German Shepard) so where there should be grass there is Gravel to be honest whole garden is gravel.
For starts we have put a fence across our patio to stop Pongo going on the gravel.
We have been told by friend that we need to have separate part of garden for Pongo.
Well we had a great laugh putting a picket fence together, it took us six hours but we did it. Don't know how but we ended up covered in fence paint and was freezing ( i was )
Pongo now not happy with us and is just sulking in the corner.
over the next few weeks we are going to be replacing the gravel with grass.