Tuesday, 22 September 2009

They made contact

They made contact................ Well i rang them couldn't wait any longer (local agency).
I said that i had rung them and was told that some one would be getting in touch and no one has,
This really nice Lady said that i was told the right thing but they also forgot to tell me that there is a waiting list to be called back.
Any way i could go on saying what she said and what i said but could be here for over a week, The short of it is that they had sent out a letter on the 11 september 09 but still not received it, it is ment to say that gander and i have been invited to a meeting on the 16 february 2010.
not that far awayi guess just now waiting for otherto get back to us now.
Also herd back from Brownies and got meeting on thursday at 7.30pm.

And to those who went to panel today and got a yes congratulations