Thursday, 24 September 2009

Still No POST how long is this postal strike going to go on for ???????????????
Now to the good news,Mylo came down stairs on his own tonight but {Pongo} was in the kitchen.
Still Mylo walked round and had a blast. {Pongo} was in the Kitchen as a really nice Lady called Julie had come round to talk to me joining the Brownies she was here for over an hour telling me how much the Brownies had changed over the last thirty years. And to tell me that they are celebrating their one hundred birthday this year.
Julie has suggested that if i wanted to start straight away then i could go to next Thursday troop as the head of Wednesday troop that i wanted to join is away on holiday until November I said that i would go to the Thursday meeting but might need to change to a Wednesday as it might interfere with my astronomy club that is on the 1st Thursday of every month.
Julie said that she was going to e-mail me over the weekend to tell me whether it is going to be next Thursday and who I'll be with but she thinks it will be Gill.
Julie did say that if Gander wanted to she could put him in touch with the scouts but he was not allowed to join the Brownies it is for girls and laughed Gander did say that he didn't think he would look right in a skirt then we all started to laugh.
He did say that he was going to leave joining the scouts for now and was excited for me to be joining the Brownies. This Sat they are going to woburn safari park hope they all have fun.
Hoping we get our letter tomorrow.