Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Does the left hand know what right hand is doing

Please can any one tell me if Va's know what the left and right hand are doing......
I rang VA today as still not received information pack from them, there number is on there web site number is in Newcastle. The lady was very helpful and let me explain everything then she said and where are you calling from I told her of course.
She then went on to say oh we only look after the north east from this office, you need to ring colchester.
So i said my thank you's and rang colchester. I told them that Newcastle had told me to ring them and was i at the right office or would i need to ring some where else (I was very polite ),
This new lady said oh no you've come through to the right office this time so i told her about information pack and address again, she then said i need to put you through to a SW, i thought great I'm nearly there. SW came on the phone and didn't say hello just read back our address our names (i must have looked like a nodding dog) I said yes that's right she even got me to tell her our dates of birth and then cuts me off half way threw saying oh you live top end of east Anglia i said yes well well we don't cover that area we only do north east south east and Midlands we will pass your information on to a different VA who might cover your area. You are sure you can't move north or south then we can help you.
I said I'm very sorry but as i am a partner in a business i can't just up and move (still being very polite).
Why could the nice lady in Newcastle tell me all this is stead of this lady who must have been having a really bad day(if that is her normally we don't want her as our SW ) she was so grumpy.

Kick boxing went really well can get my kicks higher now LOL.

I am starting one of the books tonight big steps for little people.

One more day until i start Brownies quite nervous now LOL......

Monday, 28 September 2009

Well i say thank goodness for the postman today.
We finally got our letter from the LA and two of the books have arrived as well.
1. Big Steps For Little People..........By Celia Foster
2. The Adoption.......................By Dave Hill
Guess what yes your right we have another postal strike tomorrow will this ever end.......

{Pongo} and Mylo have been getting to know each other very well over the week end.
Mylo ( who is upstairs) came through the stair gate yesterday and was great by {Pongo} who was a drooling wreck. Mylo was tapping {Pongo} round the face as kittens do and then there was this almighty scream and {Pongo} came running down the stairs still screaming, well gander and i went running after him like any normal pet owner and found that Mylo had hit him with his Claws out and that our big brave German Shepherd was crying by the garage with a small nose bleed.
Just a few bits of cheese (His chocolate) later and he was back to his old self.
Then came the ring of Mylo's collar OMG any one would think that a ten tonne elephant was sitting on his tail BIG BRAVE {Pongo} ran screaming from the house and sat by the garage.
Mylo didn't even come down stairs.
We have spoken to {Pongo} ( sorry can't stop laughing) and told him that Mylo was only playing and that Mylo is only a baby.
He has just gone back upstairs to sit by stair gate and Mylo is playing no screaming as yet.
Got an e-mail today from the Brownies I'm starting this Thursday at 6pm .
Got kick boxing tomorrow so going to have an early night

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Still No POST how long is this postal strike going to go on for ???????????????
Now to the good news,Mylo came down stairs on his own tonight but {Pongo} was in the kitchen.
Still Mylo walked round and had a blast. {Pongo} was in the Kitchen as a really nice Lady called Julie had come round to talk to me joining the Brownies she was here for over an hour telling me how much the Brownies had changed over the last thirty years. And to tell me that they are celebrating their one hundred birthday this year.
Julie has suggested that if i wanted to start straight away then i could go to next Thursday troop as the head of Wednesday troop that i wanted to join is away on holiday until November I said that i would go to the Thursday meeting but might need to change to a Wednesday as it might interfere with my astronomy club that is on the 1st Thursday of every month.
Julie said that she was going to e-mail me over the weekend to tell me whether it is going to be next Thursday and who I'll be with but she thinks it will be Gill.
Julie did say that if Gander wanted to she could put him in touch with the scouts but he was not allowed to join the Brownies it is for girls and laughed Gander did say that he didn't think he would look right in a skirt then we all started to laugh.
He did say that he was going to leave joining the scouts for now and was excited for me to be joining the Brownies. This Sat they are going to woburn safari park hope they all have fun.
Hoping we get our letter tomorrow.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

So begeining to really dislike the postal service round here.
We still have not got our letters and some of our adoption books have not turned up yet either.
%%%^^^***£££%%%""" and thats all going to say about them.
Must admit that it is all different this time round starting to get nervie about february allready What if they don't put us through, I have also red about health and safty on adoption uk what are they after,,,,,,,,,, Mental note must research this.
Looking forward to meeting tomorrow with Brownies and Gander is going to ask if he can join as well if not he said that he willtry the scouts he did it as a little boy. can't wait to see him in his wogal be so funny,
Will tell you about meeting tomorrow night

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

They made contact

They made contact................ Well i rang them couldn't wait any longer (local agency).
I said that i had rung them and was told that some one would be getting in touch and no one has,
This really nice Lady said that i was told the right thing but they also forgot to tell me that there is a waiting list to be called back.
Any way i could go on saying what she said and what i said but could be here for over a week, The short of it is that they had sent out a letter on the 11 september 09 but still not received it, it is ment to say that gander and i have been invited to a meeting on the 16 february 2010.
not that far awayi guess just now waiting for otherto get back to us now.
Also herd back from Brownies and got meeting on thursday at 7.30pm.

And to those who went to panel today and got a yes congratulations

Monday, 21 September 2009

Had a very bad night sleep last night since when do 9 week old kittens get so loud.
I could here him meowing from my bed room and it was very load spent half night laying on floor with him and he was just runing all over me.
{Pongo} was not paying him much attenchtion which is really good.
Still nothing from Either agencey so might give local agencey a ring tomorrow.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

New Kitten

Well he is small very black and a tiny white bib and his name is Mylo, he is 9 weeks old and so cute.
{Pongo} went over to the carrier to say hello but all Mylo did was spit {Pongo} jump about a mile we could not stop laughing.
Mylo does not want to come out of carrier at the moment so are leaving him in there with doors open {Pongo} was very interested at first but now just laying down by me while i on computer.
I've also set up Mylo with pet plan Same as {Pongo}, i was very surprised that i got a discount but did thank you pet plan.
Had some good news about the Brownies they have sent me back an e-mail asking to set up a meeting face to face sometime this week so will let you know what happens there.
I have also started to win bids on eBay last time i looked had won 2 great stuff sending off postal orders tomorrow then.

Friday, 18 September 2009

Well still NO NEWS............
This is becoming a good blog no news no news.
I have looked on eBay and i am still wining the bids for the books.
I have also contacted the the district commissioner for Guides and Brownies to see how i go about joining as an adult member and if i need a CRB check and how long if do will it take to come back.
BF having BBQ tomorrow so hope weather going to be OK

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Why oh why oh why That is the question.
Sometimes i just feel i have a kick me sign strapped to my stomach. And some people just don't think before they speak.

Well still no news from either LA or VA I'm so in patient i know. been on Adoption UK tonight and been reading some of the posts which made me feel a lot better.
Macalifrog and Mary and mungo always seem to have best advice on there and always make me feel better.
Think i had Blur Moment again.
Didn't rant at any one this time which means I'm getting better and book (Human growth and development) is helping and helps you understand some of way people treat and react to one another.

Just come off eBay after ordering a few books Hubby(Gander) just said omg when i showed him the list which is below:
1, The adoption book by Dave Hill
2, The adoption reader
3, Big steps for little people
4, Next steps in parenting a child who hurts by Caroline Archer
5, Toddler adoption by Mary Hopkins-Best

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Tuesday 15 September 2009.

Thought i might have heard something to day from either local agency or Bernardo's but nothing.
I know it is early days so have started to look for books that are going to help us a long our journey through to adoption and help us after we find our family.

Monday, 14 September 2009


Well had a bit of BLUR moment over weekend. Not happy about local agency and their approach to us..... Moaned at a few people about it and must say sorry to them.
After i had my moan and BLUR moment on Sunday, hubby and i went and set upon the garden.
You see our garden caters for a dog {Pongo} (German Shepard) so where there should be grass there is Gravel to be honest whole garden is gravel.
For starts we have put a fence across our patio to stop Pongo going on the gravel.
We have been told by friend that we need to have separate part of garden for Pongo.
Well we had a great laugh putting a picket fence together, it took us six hours but we did it. Don't know how but we ended up covered in fence paint and was freezing ( i was )
Pongo now not happy with us and is just sulking in the corner.
over the next few weeks we are going to be replacing the gravel with grass.

Saturday, 12 September 2009

I have some very nice friends.
One of my friends has given me august adition of children who wait.
Omg all these children just waiting (didn't mean the pun).
Hubby and i have looked throu together and there is 2 siblings groups that we would like to enquire about but it would be no good as no where near this point yet.
Just whishing i guess.
Hope they all find loving homes
Count down 0 days
Took number to shop on Thursdays 10/09/09 and rang local agency, Spoke to
duty SW asked if it was fostering or adoption we want to progress in we said adoption three times. Duty SW said that adoption SW would be ring us back soon.
Well less than an hour and SW rings back, not adoption SW but fostering...... She has our name wrong wrong spelling says mine with a z not a s got our address wrong the only thing right was telephone number.

Any way we sorted that out made a laugh about it didn't want to seem to stressed.
I told SW worker that we had been turned down 10 years ago and the reason why that i didn't understand the needs of an adopted child, she laughed she actually laughed couldn't believe that she laughed (while laughing she did say that SW should have moved us to different SW who did not have problem with us).

After this conversation which i thought would last about half hour to hour lasted a grand total of 6 minutes. SW said that some one would be in touch. ( shortly).
How long is shortly? well waited rest of Thursday feeling a bit deflated about local agency.

Friday 11/09/09

Really don't like this day not only what hole world knows but on same fateful day in 2001 my darling dad was told he had term cancer. so didn't think about a lot today but wish local agency would ring back.
Got really bad head ache guess thinking to much again lol.xx

Saturday 12/09/09

Had really good day at work no news from agency. hubby telling me it will come when it comes phone call or letter.
i am looking forward to tonight going out for meal with family as sister moved in to her own place on Wednesday 09/09/09 ( she has learning difficulties) first time on her own we all worried but got lot of support so know she can do it.

Hope i hear soon just wondering if there shortly is a week 2 weeks month or next year.

Not sure if should stay with this agency wondering if should look for different agency ? who knows.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Count down is now minus 1 day to go.
Well had a brillant day at work untill about 2.30pm when this guy came in.
Well we got talking as barbers do and we got on the subjet of ADOPTION.
He said and QUOTE :" his best friend had adopted tiwn girls 8 years ago but they where drug addic's when they where born. I told them that they only got another 8 years to go untill thier of thier hands as thier not there natrual children".
I could not belive my ears i got so upset by what he was saying that when he was gone i went and had a cry.
His friends adopted the twins when they where 6 months old.
well i have got my check list for tomorrow got number and letter and just need to make contact.
Got every thing crossed now.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Count down is now minus 2 days to go.
Had lovly lady come into the shop today M with the 3 little ones.
she was so excited for us ( have not seen her in near 2 months).
First thing she did was hug me and say only 2 more days untill it all starts. She wanted to knowhow much i knew already ( which is not a lot as my last attemped was 10 years ago)
Business Partner(female) H is asking all the right questions but was very shocked when i said it could take 2-3 years from start to finish. She said and i quote your nearly be 40! and procceded to laugh.
We have talkedand have decied to go for 2-3 silbling group 7 years or young hope 1 to beat least preschool.

Monday, 7 September 2009

The first time that i have written a blog but i would like to keep a record of our journey through
the adoption process.

It is minus 3 days until we contact the adoption agency.
Hubby just playing on PS2 while I'm writing this lol.