Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Fire Station

Brownies>>>>>>>> Fire station
Yes i know i normally go to Brownies on a Thursday, but today was special as we where being shown round the fire station.

We got there at 6.15pm tonight and straight away the fireman where been really helpful. We had information session about what to do if alarms go off while we where in the Station. then we where shown round the engines and the turntable ladder.

I must say that the Fire men where brilliant to cope with 40 Brownies and 6 leaders and helpers.
They kept the girls occupied and interested and told them what they need to know and do to get there badges which was brilliant.

My Brown owl even said that it was a very good evening and that all girls where very interested and inter acted with the fire man Our Fireman was Jamie and he had to go up the turntable ladder which goes up to 100 foot in the air, Got so lovely photo's which will help the girls and me to get badges.

Thank you to all the firemen and women you do fantastic job