Saturday, 12 September 2009

I have some very nice friends.
One of my friends has given me august adition of children who wait.
Omg all these children just waiting (didn't mean the pun).
Hubby and i have looked throu together and there is 2 siblings groups that we would like to enquire about but it would be no good as no where near this point yet.
Just whishing i guess.
Hope they all find loving homes
Count down 0 days
Took number to shop on Thursdays 10/09/09 and rang local agency, Spoke to
duty SW asked if it was fostering or adoption we want to progress in we said adoption three times. Duty SW said that adoption SW would be ring us back soon.
Well less than an hour and SW rings back, not adoption SW but fostering...... She has our name wrong wrong spelling says mine with a z not a s got our address wrong the only thing right was telephone number.

Any way we sorted that out made a laugh about it didn't want to seem to stressed.
I told SW worker that we had been turned down 10 years ago and the reason why that i didn't understand the needs of an adopted child, she laughed she actually laughed couldn't believe that she laughed (while laughing she did say that SW should have moved us to different SW who did not have problem with us).

After this conversation which i thought would last about half hour to hour lasted a grand total of 6 minutes. SW said that some one would be in touch. ( shortly).
How long is shortly? well waited rest of Thursday feeling a bit deflated about local agency.

Friday 11/09/09

Really don't like this day not only what hole world knows but on same fateful day in 2001 my darling dad was told he had term cancer. so didn't think about a lot today but wish local agency would ring back.
Got really bad head ache guess thinking to much again lol.xx

Saturday 12/09/09

Had really good day at work no news from agency. hubby telling me it will come when it comes phone call or letter.
i am looking forward to tonight going out for meal with family as sister moved in to her own place on Wednesday 09/09/09 ( she has learning difficulties) first time on her own we all worried but got lot of support so know she can do it.

Hope i hear soon just wondering if there shortly is a week 2 weeks month or next year.

Not sure if should stay with this agency wondering if should look for different agency ? who knows.