Monday, 19 October 2009


Not even good news::::::::::::::
Well haven't written for a while just that got NO NEWS.
Oh sorry have little bit of information Old friend came to see me in shop last week (haven't seen her in 4 years) well after we went through omg have seen you in ages and you haven't change, I was told that she left her job to go to uni (which was bit of shock as she has 24year old son) 4 years ago she has just qualified as a SOCIAL WORKER you could have blown me over with a feather.
She has said that she will try and help us as much as she can but she works in our town and our LA is not it is in our county.
So i have been busy with brownies and i had a dilemma as on Tuesday Gander and i go to kickboxing and i go Brownies on Thursday well the Dilemma is that tomorrow is kickboxing but also got Field trip with Brownies To the Fire station (FIREMAN) on dear well came home last Thursdays and told Gander my Dilemma and bless him he said well guess I'm going kickboxing on my own on Tuesday, I love him so much.

Well this coming Sunday we are decorating shop for Halloween and on Halloween we are dressing up in witches outfits and my black lipstick came to day. Well you have to look the part lol.

after Halloween it is to start to preparing for Christmas

Hope all others how are approved and going through are having proactive time we are just reading. Really don't like book Considering adoption.
more blogging next week