Tuesday, 6 October 2009

30 September - 6 October 2009

had a very lazy Wednesday only went to work. When got home Gander had done all house work and said that i looked very stressed on the Tuesday, He even cooked dinner and done the dishes.
( Mental note must get stressed more often.)

Thursday 1st of October and Dee day for Brownies.
Well all i can say is I LOVED IT. It was brill had such a good time
In the pack there is only Brown owl no other helpers except for parents.
I explained that we was are on the adoption journey and Brown Owl was fantastic and said would you like to go on the leaders course but you can't start until November.
Don't think i stopped smiling for 3 days.

The Book
Big steps for little people.
Got passed the fore words OK and then came the takenin to care (must say that i am reading this book at work in between customers) I just started to cry had to put the book down best friend said that may be i should not read it.
I picked it back up ( hour Later) and have not been able to put it down.
Starting to get miffed when have to do hair cut LOL
It is a great book . i look forward to finishing it within the next couple of days.

Kick boxing was good as always and instructor has asked if any one would like to do 2 classes so would be on Tuesdays and Fridays Think we are going to find out next week hope we do.

The dreaded Va's again. Well got a letter from the VA from last week (moody SW)
It says thank you for contact but we can not help you as you live within an area that has 3 councils (no idea what they mean)

Some one from adoption UK forum gave me another VA to contact to which i say thank you.
We have contacted the VA but are not taken on until January.
So we are going to wait for LA They have sent us letter to say that we are now booked on to the information session in February.
So now just the count down to this, February here we come