Sunday, 21 February 2010

Well it has started:
We have received our first letter from LA stating that they had got our letter that we had to send to say that we wished to continue with the adoption enquiry.
Our LA gave us form's to sign on Tuesday to say that we had 1 month to say if we wanted to continue with the adoption enquiry.
They also gave us a questionaire which asks which sort of children would you accecpt. It certly has opened our eyes .
So on Tuesday we sent our reply;
So yesterday our letter from LA thanked us for attending meeting and also for replying so quickly. They also say that they are pleased to tell us that they are taking us to the next step of adoption.
All we have to do is wait for a SW to be allocated to us for our initial visit.
we got so excited about it can't wait for next letter.

We would also like to say that we have been thinking very hard about the contact issue that has concerned us.
We have said that if it would benefit our chicks to see us in a picture with their birth family then what is wrong with that it will show our chicks that we are thinking of them and that we had met their birth family.
with the other issue of direct contact on a yearly base's then all i can say on that is that depends on the chick/s to weather it would benefit them. All we want is the best for the chick/s.

We want to wish all the best for Mary and Mungo for next week 3rd March 2010 hope all goes well, We are thinking of you

Goose xx ;-)