Monday, 22 February 2010

Book of choice

Book of choice;
Well after the last two post that i have made i picked up a book for the collection of adoption books and it is called Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish Their Adoptive Parents Knew.
Well i have only got to page 45 so far but what a brilliant book.
It brings every thing into prospective and the feeling you are having are the ones the chicks want you to have and to talk about their birth families .
Sorry just Rambling now.
Just thought I'd post about the book, next post should be when we get letter about initial visit from SW. I'll keep reading and keep fingers crossed for all

Goose and Gander xx ;-)

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Well it has started:
We have received our first letter from LA stating that they had got our letter that we had to send to say that we wished to continue with the adoption enquiry.
Our LA gave us form's to sign on Tuesday to say that we had 1 month to say if we wanted to continue with the adoption enquiry.
They also gave us a questionaire which asks which sort of children would you accecpt. It certly has opened our eyes .
So on Tuesday we sent our reply;
So yesterday our letter from LA thanked us for attending meeting and also for replying so quickly. They also say that they are pleased to tell us that they are taking us to the next step of adoption.
All we have to do is wait for a SW to be allocated to us for our initial visit.
we got so excited about it can't wait for next letter.

We would also like to say that we have been thinking very hard about the contact issue that has concerned us.
We have said that if it would benefit our chicks to see us in a picture with their birth family then what is wrong with that it will show our chicks that we are thinking of them and that we had met their birth family.
with the other issue of direct contact on a yearly base's then all i can say on that is that depends on the chick/s to weather it would benefit them. All we want is the best for the chick/s.

We want to wish all the best for Mary and Mungo for next week 3rd March 2010 hope all goes well, We are thinking of you

Goose xx ;-)

Thursday, 18 February 2010


Well it was "D" day on Tuesday,

Well there where 11" house holds" love the way they speak.. The meeting was very informal and quite relaxed most of the time.
We went through why children come in to care and what there thoughts on this might be.
which took about an hour and half. then we had a break which was very welcome by all ......

When we came back we had time to ask questions about what was said before and our feelings on this.

We then went on to the adoption triangle and had to guess what each where feeling. Which Gander and i found very interesting as where what we thought. we spent about an hour on this.

Then came the not so relaxed part the 2 ladies given us this information said, that we needed to think about what sort of contact we could deal with and they tried very hard to push open adoption's, to the fact that she said could we all consider weather we could meet birth parents and have photo's to put in chicks life story book......( I can say with my hand on heart that I'm not comfortable with this)
but it is not for my comfort i know that it is for our chicks.

By this time my head was well and truly banging. LOL

Gander and i did speak to one of the ladies SW's.
We told her about LA in 1999 and that we where turned down, she did say that when we get our initial SW visit they will be asking for our file from LA.
Then she said that it doesn't seem to be a problem but that was not a grantee.

So Gander and i came home a bit happy yet bit sad, and we talked loads.
We have come to the conclusion that if this new LA Say's no sorry even at this early stage, that will be it.
We have been together for almost 20 years and married for 17 years and have been trying to get pregnant via different fertility hospitals and a very bad miscarriage of twins.
and in 1999 we went through adoption.
So if they so NO sorry then we are saying OK thank you for visiting us. And it is your loss and we will walk away and still be a happy couple.

This is why it is now Thursday before i had posted.

Goose ;-) xx

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Too much information LOL

Well here we are in February 2010 and what a good year it has been so far.

1 As every ones knows I'm a partner in a Barber Shop well here i am cutting hair and daily chit chat and then get on to subject of adoption well this gentleman and his wife N&G had adopted a little girl ten years ago. So N sent G down to shop and we had a good long chat( 2Hours ) and she said that they will help us as much as possible with any information that we need. They even let us see their daughters profile that they saw to give us an idea of what to except.

2 We are now a family of completed CRB checks. I have had mine done with the Brownies and it came back last week.

3 kitten is now 6 months old and not male but female, I can't believe that when started on this journey my kitten was not even born. and still not been to see SW's yet. oh kitten was spayed last Wednesday and pongo pined the whole time she was gone.

4 Been so busy at shop that we are now EMPLOYERS we have just taken on our friend to just work Saturday's at the moment we are the three musketeers again lol.

5 we have got exactly TEN days until we go to see SW to see if they will take us on to prep course. i have never been so happy and worried at the same time before in my life.

6 Oh and to top it all of i have got really bad cold so much for flu and swine flu jabs.....

7 Can't wait to see what the next TEN days bring.

good luck to Mary and Mungo for the 3 rd of march and to all how are waiting to hear what the next step is.

Goose xx ;-)