Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Does the left hand know what right hand is doing

Please can any one tell me if Va's know what the left and right hand are doing......
I rang VA today as still not received information pack from them, there number is on there web site number is in Newcastle. The lady was very helpful and let me explain everything then she said and where are you calling from I told her of course.
She then went on to say oh we only look after the north east from this office, you need to ring colchester.
So i said my thank you's and rang colchester. I told them that Newcastle had told me to ring them and was i at the right office or would i need to ring some where else (I was very polite ),
This new lady said oh no you've come through to the right office this time so i told her about information pack and address again, she then said i need to put you through to a SW, i thought great I'm nearly there. SW came on the phone and didn't say hello just read back our address our names (i must have looked like a nodding dog) I said yes that's right she even got me to tell her our dates of birth and then cuts me off half way threw saying oh you live top end of east Anglia i said yes well well we don't cover that area we only do north east south east and Midlands we will pass your information on to a different VA who might cover your area. You are sure you can't move north or south then we can help you.
I said I'm very sorry but as i am a partner in a business i can't just up and move (still being very polite).
Why could the nice lady in Newcastle tell me all this is stead of this lady who must have been having a really bad day(if that is her normally we don't want her as our SW ) she was so grumpy.

Kick boxing went really well can get my kicks higher now LOL.

I am starting one of the books tonight big steps for little people.

One more day until i start Brownies quite nervous now LOL......