Monday, 15 March 2010

Phone Call

Today while at work i got a phone call from Sue our SW.
I was so excited to hear from her i dropped the phone twice lol.
Well we had a little bit of a chat, she sounds so nice on the phone . She is coming round for our initial visit next Tuesday on the 23 march 2010.

When i put the phone down i wanted to tell every one but i was on my own. Gander had just left for a meeting at work and my business partner was on lunch........

Then business partner came back and i was cutting so did not get to speak to her.

Then at 4.50 Gander came to pick me up (we are a one car family at moment) so i got to tell him.
I could not help it but i started to cry and i could not stop myself.

So we can't wait to meet Sue face to face and welcoming her in to our home and our lives.

Goose and Gander
xx ;-)