Monday, 15 March 2010

Phone Call

Today while at work i got a phone call from Sue our SW.
I was so excited to hear from her i dropped the phone twice lol.
Well we had a little bit of a chat, she sounds so nice on the phone . She is coming round for our initial visit next Tuesday on the 23 march 2010.

When i put the phone down i wanted to tell every one but i was on my own. Gander had just left for a meeting at work and my business partner was on lunch........

Then business partner came back and i was cutting so did not get to speak to her.

Then at 4.50 Gander came to pick me up (we are a one car family at moment) so i got to tell him.
I could not help it but i started to cry and i could not stop myself.

So we can't wait to meet Sue face to face and welcoming her in to our home and our lives.

Goose and Gander
xx ;-)


  1. awww how emotional bless you. it must have been so hard to keep it bottled up all that time! its very exciting xx congratulations!

  2. We did our prep course last week and on the final day got told the name of our SW. We're told she's got 3 weeks to contact us and we can't wait - so we feel very much in synch with you two! In the meantime we're reading everything we can and trying to absorb everything without letting our excitement run away with us - which is much easier said than done.