Sunday, 28 March 2010


Garden is now finished WOHO.
It has only taken 5 months with all the snow and christmas.
We went the hole hog and got a landscape gardener in to desgin our garden.
Well even thou it was not cheap it has been worth it.
We know have a grass area two raised flower/vegtable beds patio area that has been desgined for a 10 foot trampoline (which we have not got yet) a patio area that can be used for ever a play house or barbeque area.

All i can say it looks fantastic, and it is child safety and has got a lot of sensory areas for children with special needs.

The garden has already been used by children by my business partners 2 children and they have suggested where things should go ie trampoline play house.
This was the first time we have spoken to A & C about adoption and they where amazing and this is what they said..

A is 9 and she is very sweet she said when my new friends come to live with you can i come over and play with them, also you do know that if they are boy's in stead of a play house you can get a play ship.

C is 4 and she said when our friends come where will they sleep as there is no room. i asked her why there is no room, she came right back with well there is yours and Ganders room and then there is mine and A's room so where are they going to stay.
Arrh i said what about if they stayed in your room when your not here.

She sat there for about five minutes and then said well I'd like to pick out their new bedding is that OK also when A and i stay we can stay in our room as well and have big sleep over that will be really fun.......... She then got up and went yes that good and then shouted A when friends come we are having sleep overs.
A just laughed and said yes OK.

They are both so sweet and they are so caring.

Goose and Gander

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