Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Initail Visit

Well it is here apon us and we have come out the other side with a big grin ;-).

Our socail worker is lovely Sue is so down to earth.
Sue went thro all our paper work with us and also ask us question's about getting tgurned downin 1999.
we explained every thing and she said "I CAN'T SEE A PROBLEM WITH THIS "

The main area of concern for her is that Gander smokes, and even thou he smokes out side he has done since 2008, even if we got to pannel they will not place a child/ren in a smoking house. so Gander has said that he will quite( This i think is going to be very hard as he started smoking when he was 15 years old he is now 43 years old.) i'll be there to help him along the way.

Sue talked about getting Pongo dog checked (we still don't know what this means)

Sue asked us what sort of children did we think we would be able to parent and why, we have said that we have spent a long time thinking about this one. what we have come up with is that even if i could carrie a child to term, what garentee do we have that this child will not have some sort of learning difficulties. So wer have said that we would be intrested in a sibling group of 2 and 1 with learning difficulties ( downs syndrome, turners syndrome, cysrtic fibrosis)

I have lot of experiance as my sister has got learning difficulties.

Sue said that she is going to reconmend that wse be pushed forward/ fast tracked as we would like a sibling group and learning difficulties, She is going to write her report and hope fully her manage will agree with her.

She did say that she thinks the next prep course is about a year away if not fast tracked.

Sue has reconmended that i still carry on reading the adoption books but also look towards attachment issues.

So at the moment Gander and i are very happy and very tired.

Goose and Gander

XX ;-)


  1. congratulations on a lovely visit and the possibility of being fast-tracked! bug hugs xx

  2. It's so lovely to see such a positive response from your SW. best wishes llxxxxx