Sunday, 23 May 2010


Well it start on the 12th April, I woke up with severe pain in my right breast.
As I'm a Oscar winning drama queen thought it was just I'd done to much in kickboxing the night before.
The next 2 days my mind was racing as pain still there and i was heading for next kick boxing class but i kept telling my self that it was nothing and that i was just being a drama queen again.
Now it's the 14th April 2010 my right breast is now very large and from inner side to underside of the breast is very very red (BURNING) to touch and to look at.
Gander did not want me to go to work but i said that i would get doctors appointment for next day, and he told me to be careful as in his words i didn't look right.( to be honest i didn't feel right either )
So i worked all day a what a day we where rushed off our feet which didn't help. H my business partner made me promise that i went to the walk in centre as i was looking very grey, I said i would but i had to go to Brownies first, Well you'd thought I'd just kicked the dog.
So i went to Brownies and got told off for being there as they all said i looked grey but it was first night back form Easter so i was told to sit down and not do any thing which was frustrating.
So now the time is about 8pm and just pulled on to the drive well all i can say is that i thought that i was on fire my hole body hurt it took me 5 minutes to get to front door ( normally 5 seconds) i walked in and Gander just said OH MY GOD you've got to go to hospital,
so hear i am sitting in in casualty got to see doctor at 1opm and i told him i feel like a fraud for being here he asked me to remove my top and show him where lump was and the redness well i took top off and he didn't even examine me he held my hand and asked me when i stopped breast feeding i told him i did not have any children and i have only been pregnant once and that was for only 6 1/2 weeks with I.V.F.
While all this was going on i had drips in both hands i was being asked all different questions Gander was being pushed out of cubical and when he came back in it looked like he'd been crying he was gone for ages.
I was so confused with everyone talking to me at once, I'm sure by this time I'd had some pain killer as felt likeI was flying so I asked when could I go home as I felt better that's when they told me and this is when Gander came back in this one doctor said " I'm really sorry Goose but you can't go home" " we think that you have an abscess in your breast ." he then said to the nurse and porter yeah take her straight to the oncology ward they where just starting to move me when i ask the doctor why are you sending me to the CANCER ward my dad died on that ward i was looking from Gander to doctor and back again it was like every thing had just stopped and going in very slow motion, The doctor asked everyone one to leave and then told me what he'd already told Gander, "Goose we think you have breast cancer and this why we are sending you to the CANCER ward there going to be doing more test and drain more of the abscess." I didn't say a thing Gander was wiping my face saying don't worry we will fight it no matter what it is by this time the tears where here but i wasn't crying it was like my body was crying.
When i got to the ward my nurse i recognised him and then he said my name Gander said do you know my wife and he said yes she cuts my hair and has done for years,.
i don't know why i asked but i did can anyone tell me what the time is please Gander and nurse said at same time it's 3am,
Where had the night gone !!!!!!!
So they did more tests saw more doctors got more bruises from all the injection,
On the 17th April they said wanted to do more test and i said i wanted to sleep so could i have all tested done as out patients as i really wanted to go home.
They only took 5 hours to say yes as long as i followed stricked instructions which i said i would, so they gave me all pain killers i needed and told me over the next two / three weeks i was going to have loads of appointments they weren't kidding either.
so three weeks later I've had the total of four mammograms 7 scans and i get all results on 14th May 2010.................
So its 14th May 2010 and heading to hospital feel like i need shares in the hospital.
Well the results are I DON'T HAVE BREAST CANCER yippee..... i have had very bad Cellulitest
and i have to be very care full with my breast's as left breast has got 5 Cyst's and right breast has got 3 large and 4 small Cyst's the doctor said i cant put to much stain on my breast so no more kickboxing and he also said that unless on of the Cyst's plays up they will not remove them.
Today is the 23th May 2010 and tomorrow we are contacting Sue our SW to say that the news is good that i don't have breast Cancer and get the Adoption prosses will hopefully start again ...
A very happy
Goose and Gander
xxx xxx ;-)


  1. OMG I am gobsmacked, and soooo sorry you had to go through all that. i feel for you so much. my nephew was diagnosed with a brain tumour on my birthday a few months ago and got the all clear two weeks later. its so scary when they say cancer isnt it?

    i am sooooooo glad it isnt but a shame you are going to have to miss out on kick-boxing. will you be able to do it ever or just take a break for now?

    big hugs xxxxx

  2. Thanks Mary no I'm not aloud to do it any more so i have joined the local gym and having a great time and finealy i've started to loose weight.
    Glad to hear that your babies are now with you, and i hope that you will follow our progress in the adoption and hopefully give any advice.
    Goose and Gander

  3. So sorry to hear all this - very scary! Hope you recover soon!